Giving the power of life back to domestic violence survivors, through creativity, learning, & community


Our Beginning

The Life Squared Project came about as a need to fill a gap in the healing process of domestic violence survivors. As a survivor herself, it was through a connection to creativity that helped Felicity Cook get back on her feet, and find a new purpose with life.


“When we change the attitude, we change the outcome. ”

— Felicity Cook, FOUNDER


By giving survivors something that is theirs, something that cannot be taken away- when often, everything they had is gone- is empowering, and is a much-needed opportunity to rehabilitate after leaving violent and abusive situations.


Our Mission

Once leaving an abusive situation and receiving assistance, many domestic violence survivors are left with nowhere to go and nothing to fall back on. Our goal is to help these survivors not only rediscover their passion for life, but to help them learn new skills, and assist them in finding their own way again.



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We start with the gifting of paper blooms- forever flowers that are a symbol of growing life, that cannot be taken away. We are working towards providing programs to teach survivors new skills, to assist them down the path of finding new purpose.


Get Involved

Our paper flowers are made by volunteers, and gifted to women in shelters and safe houses. You can get involved by helping create our blooms, or by donating supplies. Get in touch for more information.

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